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Annual Leave

Wednesday 14 August, 2019

Almost all employees are entitled to at least 4 weeks of paid annual leave a year. Your employment agreement must state what annual leave you are entitled to.

When am I entitled to holiday pay?

You are entitled to your annual leave after you have been working continuously for your employer for one year i.e. on the anniversary of the day you started working. Working continuously means working regular hours.

What if I don’t work regular hours?

If you don’t work regular set hours or you work shift work, you and your employer can make a decision together on what 4 weeks annual leave means and write it in your employment agreement.

What about if I have no set hours?

If you have no set hours such as casual workers or people on fixed-term contracts, an employer may regularly include annual leave payments in wage or salary payments. If this is the case, you will be paid at least 8% extra in each pay (before tax) and you will not build up any annual leave.

I am on parental leave. Does my annual leave stop?

No. While you are on parental leave you will continue to build up annual leave.

Can my annual leave expire?

No annual cannot expire however your employer may have rules on how much leave can be carried over. If you have built up too much annual leave your employer can make you take some or all of it (providing they follow a fair process) or you can ask your employer to cash in some of your annual leave. Your employer however has to agree to this.

What if I leave my job?

If you leave your job, any built annual leave will be paid out to you in your final pay.

If you are unsure about annual leave or what you are entitled to, give us a call for a free chat about annual leave entitlements.