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Covid-19 and how it could affect the workplace

Wednesday 18 March, 2020

With social distancing and talk of a post-coronavirus recession, its natural that there'd be some fear about employment.

While its a changeable feast at the moment, its important to remember that there is government support available. Part of this is to support businesses so that they don't have to make their team redundant and can support them if they need to reduce their hours.

If an employer is considering redundancy as a response to the effects of coronavirus on their business, its important to remember that the usual rules of a fair redundancy still apply.

Key here is CONSULTATION. This means

  • a genuine business reason
  • open dialogue with the ability to bring a support person
  • opportunity to give feedback
  • genuine consideration of any feedback
  • a fair, impartial and transparent selection of who will be made redundant/who may be considered for a new job

We've created this wee image below of things we think employers should be considering while the pandemic continues.

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