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What is a warning?

Tuesday 12 March, 2019

A warning is your boss telling you that you have done something wrong or that your performance or conduct is not up to scratch, and you may be dismissed. However, warnings cannot be just handed out and a process must be followed.

What is the process?
Before being given a warning your boss must have:

  • sufficiently looked into the allegation and investigated it;
  • raised the issue with you;
  • allowed you to have your say on the matter;
  • and genuinely considered your explanation (if there is one), before making any decisions on what action to take.

Is my warning forever?
No. A warning cannot be relied upon forever and it should say in the warning how long it is for and exactly what the warning was for.

If you have been given a warning and think it is unreasonable or have concerns about the process followed, give us a call for free advice on how we can help you.