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Probationary Periods

Wednesday 10 April, 2019

What is a probationary period for?

The reason for a probationary period is to assess whether or not an employee is suitable for the job position.

What is the difference between a probationary period and a 90-day trial period?

During a 90-day trial period there are certain rights that an employee gives up. A probationary period however is subject to personal grievance procedures.

Usually, an employee should be allowed to work out their probationary period, and any problems brought to their attention as they arise. This means the employee should be given every opportunity to prove that they would be suitable for that position.

Can I be fired at the end of my probationary period?

Yes, if your boss has a valid reason for terminating your employment and has followed a fair and proper process.

What your boss cannot do is terminate your employment at the end of your probationary period on the grounds that you are not suitable for the position.

If you have questions or concerns around a probationary period give us a call to learn more about how they may affect you.