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Redundancy / Restructure

Being made redundant is an awful way to lose your job because it has happened through no fault of yours. Often if an employer needs to make a job, and therefore a person, redundant they will be upset having to do this too. But that is not always the case. Sometimes employers use redundancy as a way of getting rid of a person that they no longer want for other reasons. Or, an employer might need to restructure or make someone redundant to survive financially but just not do it in a fair way.

There are two things that an employer needs to show before they can make someone redundant.

Firstly, the employer needs to show that they have a genuine business need to stop providing a particular job. They can not use redundancy as a way of getting rid of someone that they don’t like or they think isn’t performing well or doesn’t fit in.

Secondly, the employer needs to decide on which job to make redundant in a fair way. This will typically include letting you know early what is being considered. You should be given opportunity to give feedback on that proposal. And you certainly should be made aware that you can have the support of an employment advocate or lawyer. Each redundancy is different and often there will be other things that the employer needs to do to make the process fair.

If you have been told that redundancy might be around the corner, call us urgently for a free 10 minute phone consultation. We can arrange an employment advocate to support you in the process and raise a personal grievance if your employer has not acted fairly.