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90 Day Trial Periods

90 Day Trial Periods are not bulletproof.


Our employment law advocates can show you how they can be legally challenged, and build you a case.

What our clients have said


I wanted to write and say thank you for representing me. The outcome far exceeded what I was expecting. You are great at what you do. I will be recommending you to everyone I know.

Unfair Dismissal |


K (Name Withheld)

Thank you thank yo thank you. I am so grateful. I haven’t stopped crying since you told me the news. You have helped me when I am at my lowest point in life and I will never forget it.

90 Day Trial Dismissal | Auckland


Paul did a great job and I was relieved because I had been through hell. He was very supportive. He knew the law and was able to clarify any aspects (of employment law) that I did not understand. I liked his attitude and his (humanitarian) approach.

90 Day Trial | Southland

Dismissed under a 90 day trial? Was it unfair?

There are times when an employer dismisses someone and says they can do it under the 90 day trial period law when they actually can't.


For example:

  • If you signed your employment agreement after you started work or if you worked for that employer previously.

  • If the correct 90 day trial period wording is not used in your employment agreement.

  • If you were given no time to get advice on the employment agreement before you had to sign it (especially if the 90 day trial period clause was not pointed out to you when you were offered the job).

  • If your employer dismissed you on the spot, ending your employment immediately instead of giving notice.


These are all quite technical errors that one of our employment advocates will be able to talk to you about. Please contact us for a free consultation so we can assess whether you could challenge your dismissal. We have a team of employment specialists on hand to support you.

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