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Should I have been paid for ANZAC Day?

#YourQuestionsAnswered It was a Public Holiday yesterday, so should you be paid?

Anzac Day

Working on Public Holidays?

You're entitled to be paid at least time-and-a-half for the hours worked.

If you would normally work on that day this is an otherwise working day, so you are also be entitled to a day in lieu. This is to give you another day off instead.

Not working on Public Holidays?

If you would normally work on that day this is an otherwise working day, so you are entitled to be paid as if you had worked. So if you normally work 5 hours on a Thursday, but didn't work on Anzac Day yesterday (perhaps because the business was closed), then you should still be paid for 5 hours.

Right to decline to work on Public Holidays

You can decline to work on a public holiday unless your employment agreement specifies otherwise. This means that if there's no requirement in your contract to work on public holidays, you can decline to work.

In conclusion:

Public holidays in New Zealand are not just about taking a day off; they come with a set of entitlements that ensure employees are fairly compensated for their time and effort. Whether you're working on a public holiday or enjoying a day off, it's essential to know your rights as an employee.

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Apr 25

I have a friend she is a migrant with a work visa from Thailand. She is working as a massage therapist. I happen to know she is not getting her holiday pay nor public holiday pay nor paid properly. I have reported to MBIE but my friend said she doesn't want to pursue the case because the owner is family. MBIE says they cannot do any more since she has declined to pursue. I feel this is wrong that these massage parlor owners need to be held accountable. My friend is happy that she is working even though she's not being properly paid. Andrew

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