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What does workplace stress look like?

#yourquestionsanswered Stress can look different on everyone, but you are the best person to know if something isn't right. Here's some types of workplace stress.

Employee experiencing workplace stress
Work-related pressures

This type of workplace stress might look like:

  • Being expected to work late, respond to work-related emails or messages during personal time, or feeling pressured to be available 24/7.

  • Being given too much or too little work. Excessive workload can be overwhelming, while insufficient work may lead to feelings of boredom, or concerns of job insecurity.

Health and safety issues

This type of workplace stress might look like:

  • Working in an environment with potential physical risks or inadequate safety measures can contribute to chronic stress and anxiety.

  • This can be made worse if when you raise these issues nothing happens.

Bad management

This type of workplace stress might look like:

  • Harsh or unsupportive management approaches that ignore employee input and fail to embrace diversity can cause stress in the workforce.

  • When your manager shows a lack of appreciation for your efforts and achievements, it can feel can demotivating and impact overall job satisfaction.

  • A lack of clarity about job responsibilities, goals, or organizational changes, it can create anxiety and stress as individuals struggle to meet expectations or adapt to new circumstances.

  • When your employer doesn't provide support for workers experiencing personal or professional difficulties.

Conflict in the workplace

This type of workplace stress might look like:

  • Experiencing bullying, violence, sexual, racial, disability, or discrimination in the workplace. This can have severe emotional and psychological consequences, leading to significant stress.

  • Even if you're not in directly involved, ongoing conflict between colleagues can create a tense and uncomfortable work environment

  • This can be made worse when it is not resolved, especially if you have raised this with your employer.

What does this look like?

You might feel:

  • Irritable, impatient, or wound up

  • Overwhelmed by the workload or responsibilities, often struggling to manage tasks efficiently.

  • Worried, anxious, or nervous

  • Tense and tired


If you're being unreasonably stressed in the workplace the best first step is to talk to your manager, or someone else in the business who may be able to assist and don't let it build up until its untenable if you help it. You deserve a workplace you enjoy going to! Unfortunately, sometimes it might not be possible to raise it with anyone or if you do, they might not help. In this case, we recommend getting advice before you reach the point of feeling you have to resign.


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