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Being harassed by a coworker?

#YourQuestionsAnswered If the behaviour of a coworker is unreasonable, unfair or is affecting you, then it might be time to raise it with your employer.

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What is bullying?

Workplace bullying is defined by Worksafe as:

Workplace bullying is repeated and unreasonable behaviour directed towards a worker or group of workers. It can lead to physical or psychological harm”

Even if what you are experiencing doesn't fit that, it still might be worth raising with your employer so that it doesn't continue. Especially if it's affecting your work.

Tips for raising issues:

  • While it can be an emotional experience, try to focus on the specifics as this is what your employer can investigate

  • Remember that what you share with your employer may be shared with any other parties involved

What sort of things should I tell my employer?

Your employer can only look into what they know. If you're raising harassment, bullying or issues with coworkers, it is helpful to include:

  • When this happened

  • Where this happened

  • If there were any witnesses they should speak to

  • Why you think this behaviour was unreasonable

  • If this has happened before

  • How this behaviour has affected you

What will my employer do when I raise an issue?

Your employer needs to act reasonably, but what this looks like will depend on the situation and the context. If you don't think what they're doing is reasonable you could raise it with them, but if you can't do that (or it doesn't resolve the issue) get some advice. One thing that shouldn't happen though is that you shouldn't be penalised for raising concerns!

No resolution, or the situation has become worse?

Seek advice, especially if you feel like you might resign. You may have a case to raise a grievance and if so, we recommend raising this before any resignation.


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